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Spa & Wellness by Suites by Navutu Dreams Siem Reap Hotel Resort

Spa & Wellness

Renowned as Siem Reap’s only upscale resort and wellness retreat, Navutu Dreams since its inception in 2012 has always been a pioneer and the main proponent for mindful living in this destination. Its ethos encompasses its over-all design, its ambiance and its service values. Navutu Dreams is on an acre and half of well-manicured tropical gardens speckled with three (3) swimming pools. Its suites are housed in white, long slung chalets with large bay windows which not only offer a relaxing garden view but adequate natural lighting. The floors are a mix of wood, sandstone and pebble-wash. Solar panels are used to provide water heating. Every art and decor in the suites was hand-crafted by the indigenous people living at the mountainous borders of Cambodia and Laos. Refillable water bottles are provided for guests in lieu of plastic water bottles.

Yoga classes are offered daily within the resort’s Samadhi Yogashala & Wellness Center. Louise Davey, our holistic healer and Francois Chaillou, our Traditional Chinese Medicine expert head our team of wellness professionals who tailor-make programs for you on your way to holistic healing and living mindfully. Louise’s Yoga of the Mind Immersion which combines energy healing with breathwork, pranayama meditation either on sacred grounds or within the resort’s premises and sound healing has been raved about by previous guests as soulfully rejuvenating experience. While Francois’ Detox of the Body guided by his years of study and practice of Chinese Medicine in China, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand is the resort’s most established healthy-holiday plans. He guides guests through a juice-based cleansing program and adds to the recommendations acupuncture, cupping, auriculotherapy and shiatsu.

Inspired by the deeply spiritual and mystical, intangible heritage of Angkor, our milieu of options is enhanced by destination-inspired activities such as sunrise pranayama meditation on sacred temple grounds or walking meditation on paths within the Angkor Archaeological Park. Pradakshina and Shirinyuko (Forest Bathing) as crafted by Navutu Dreams will take you on a deeper experience of inner healing.  

Navutu Dreams’ also offer GRIT, a nature based fitness coaching program headed by professional fitness coach Jay Sapphire. Jay’s programs are bespoke for individuals or small groups, dependent on their level of fitness, needs and requirements.