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Spacious, Well-appointed Suites

Your holiday starts with the right address. Why settle for a hotel room when you can have your own ‘’home away from home.’’ Bask in the luxury of assured privacy. Spacious, well-appointed suites were built for cozy holidays with an eco-chic design.

Wood and pebble-wash floors lend an earthy feel. Opulent soaking tubs and super-sized rain shower each come with a view of your own privately gated tropical garden. Subtle comforts within the room from crisp white bed linens to hand-made objets d’art are complemented with freshly prepared welcome drinks and homespun souvenirs combine to create a unique experience.

Grand Tour

The Grand Tour - Suites by Navutu Dreams Siem Reap Hotel

Choose romance with our white low slung chalets equipped with a rooftop terrace with a panoramic view of our tropical gardens and swimming pools.

Grand Suite

The Grand Suites by Suites by Navutu Dreams Siem Reap Hotel

Unparalleled views of its very own gardens. Privacy. 100 sq. m. indoor space. A sense of home. A two-bedroom villa perfect for family getaways.